TEDxTIU 2021 | Defying the IMPOSSIBLE ・ 不可能に挑む


On 5 August, TEDxTIU held its first TEDx event. The event was a big success and you can now watch the recap of it.

What was it about?

Sometimes, in the face of seemingly impossible situations, people found moments of encouragement, beauty, and clarity that became fundamental to their later success. In other words, every cloud has a silver lining.

Let’s take a trip back to when you faced a significant challenge or failure. How did you overcome it? What did you learn from it? What kind of ideas has been planted in your mind? What actions have you taken towards said ideas? How do you plan to move forward?

It’s time for ‘Defying the Impossible’ – the official theme of our TEDx event this year. Are you ready to join us and challenge the “impossible” at TEDxTIU’s most exciting event yet? 💫



今年のTEDxイベントの公式テーマである「Defying the Impossible」 (不可能に挑む)。開催の時がやってきました。TEDxの最も刺激的なイベントで、私たちと一緒に「不可能」にチャレンジする準備はできましたか?

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