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Our Alumni Chapters

As we have a high number of TIU students and alumni coming from Vietnam and Indonesia, we decided to open Chapters that offer an alumni network and benefits especially for students from those countries. If you are from Vietnam or Indonesia, we highly recommend getting in touch with them!

Vietnam Chapter

The TIU E-Track Alumni Association - Vietnam Chapter is here to support Vietnamese alumni students with their professional and personal development.

Contact the Vietnam Chapter at:


Thailand Chapter


Indonesia Chapter

The TIU E-Track Alumni Association - Indonesia Chapter is here to support Indonesian alumni students with their professional and personal development.

Contact the Indonesia Chapter at:


Japan Chapter

Groups & Clubs

TIU Model United Nations

The Model United Nations Club is one of the best communities at TIU and very popular among E-Track students.

While joining this club allows you to increase your knowledge in international politics and the UN system, it also allows you to improve your public speaking and negotiation skills, while offering a great place to make friends.

The Indonesian Student Association

The Tokyo International University Indonesian Student Association (PPI TIU) is a student community organization that works as a support for students in sharing their aspirations and channelling their innovations and work.

PPI TIU is a student association that focuses on continuous growth and accountability through effective management, open communication, and synergy between members.

Varsity & Sports Clubs

TIU is extremely strong and famous when it comes to sports in Japan.

Following TIU's educational philosophies of truly nurturing "internationally-minded individuals" through "Kotokushin" (unbiased harmony), focusing on sports encouragement is one of TIU' s unique educational approach to pursue its educational objectives. Boasting some of Japan's best sports facilities, the Sakado campus gives motivated athletes the perfect environment to train.

Culture Clubs

In addition to Varsity teams, there are a number of less competitive sports and culture clubs open to all students at the university.

One of the most popular clubs is the Photography Club, where photo exhibitions are held throughout Tokyo numerous times a year, and the group travels across the country to fuel their photo passion. And the Drama Club Gekidan Epsilon always amazes us with outstanding performances!

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