Welcome to the E-Track Alumni Association

The Alumni Network of Tokyo International University's E-Track Program 

Bastian Harth, Chairperson
Bastian Harth | Chairperson

Message from the Chair

"It is my sincerest pleasure to welcome you to the TIU E-Track Alumni Association!

When I began my journey at TIU in 2014, the TIU E-Track program was a relatively new program. Since then, the program has grown rapidly through more students, faculty members, classes and majors. It just makes sense that TIU took the initiative to start an Alumni Association so that TIU alumni can benefit from the international network and the diverse expertise upon graduation.

As the TIU E-Track Alumni Association is also a new Association, this network will grow to more than a thousand alumni within just the next few years. It is thus my deepest honour to represent it and I do my best to live up to this honour.

Studying at TIU was one of my most life-changing experiences. I really enjoyed the International Relations major, which allowed me to specialize in Japanese and Asian Pacific politics. I also had the great chance to become involved as the President of the TIU Model United Nations Club, which encouraged me to improve my public speaking, diplomacy, and debating skills.

Having progressed in my career, I now thrive to share this knowledge with the network and I hope that so you will benefit as much as possible from the benefits we provide."

International Network

The TIU E-Track program has a diverse and international body of students and alumni. The TIU EAA thrives to connect this international network and offer the benefit of staying connected for a lifetime.


We organize annual reunion parties to celebrate the graduation of the new TIU alumni and to gather the whole TIU alumni community. The reunions are usually formal dinners, networking events, or receptions.

Career Benefits

The international alumni network consists of working professionals and graduate students who live around the world and offer various expertise. Our mission is to connect them with one another for networking and career exchange.

Events, Workshops & Webinars

We are organizing webinars, workshops, extracurricular activities, meet-ups and lectures all year round. Those events either specifically target students or alumni, or both. If you want to organize an event, reach out to us: info@tiueaa.com

Mentor Program

One of our main goals is to connect alumni with TIU students. That is why we have established a mentor program that provides TIU students with mentors who are alumni.

TIU Library

As TIU alumni, you can also benefit from borrowing up to 10 books per month from TIU's library. For more information, please visit the TIU library's website.

TIU E-Track History

Tokyo International University is proud of the many milestones achieved during the history of the E-Track program.


Enrollment of first E-Track Students


Establishment of TIU E-Track Alumni Association


Establishment of TIU Model United Nations Club


Expected Opening of TIU Ikebukuro Campus

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